Decktopus: AI-powered presentation tool that simplifies slide creation with image suggestions, tailored slide notes, and additional content.

Decktopus is your ultimate tool for enriching presentations with the power of AI. Designed to streamline the presentation creation process, Decktopus offers a range of features that save you time and enhance the quality of your slides.

One of Decktopus's standout features is its ability to provide image and icon suggestions effortlessly. Say goodbye to hours spent browsing stock photo websites. With a single click of the magic button, Decktopus will find the perfect images and icons to complement your slides, ensuring visual appeal and enhancing your message.

Finding the right words for your slides can be challenging, but Decktopus has you covered. It generates tailored slide notes for your specific topic and audience, helping you deliver a compelling narrative. No longer will you be lost for words; Decktopus will provide you with the right guidance and talking points.

Decktopus goes beyond providing slide notes. It also offers additional slide content to enrich your presentation. Say goodbye to racking your brain for more ideas and talking points. Decktopus will suggest relevant items that enhance your presentation's depth and impact.

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Pro AI: 10$/month

Business AI: 36$/month

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