Oxolo is a game-changing tool for e-commerce businesses, providing one-click video ad creation with AI-driven automation and customization options, maximizing marketing ROI.

A groundbreaking tool that revolutionizes the process of creating video ads, offering the best marketing return on investment for e-commerce businesses. With a simple click, you can transform your product listing into a captivating video ad, driving customer engagement and boosting sales.

Getting started with Oxolo is as easy as entering a URL. Simply visit your e-commerce website, copy your product listing's URL, and paste it into Oxolo. Our sophisticated AI will then summarize your product's unique selling points into a concise, engaging video script.

Next, Oxolo takes over the complex process of video creation. Leveraging advanced AI capabilities, it undertakes tasks such as writing, storyboarding, selecting suitable actors, adding voice-overs, music, and imagery. The result is a fully produced video ad, ready in just a matter of minutes.

Despite its automation, Oxolo ensures you remain in control. Using our intuitive studio editor, you have the freedom to make any final adjustments to your ad. Whether you want to change the actor, voice, images, or refine the script, Oxolo allows for easy fine-tuning, ensuring your video ad aligns perfectly with your brand image.

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