Rewind is a personal digital recorder that catalogues all digital interactions, utilizing extraordinary compression technology and OCR for efficient information management and retrieval.

Presenting Rewind, a game-changing tool that meticulously records and catalogues everything you've seen, said, or heard. Imagine having the ability to revisit any past digital interaction, search through a vast database, and instantly find the information you need. That's the power of Rewind at your fingertips.

Rewind's standout functionality is its extraordinary compression technology. This feature ensures that the tool is not a drain on your device's storage. It compresses raw data up to an astounding 3,750 times smaller, meaning even the smallest of hard drives can house years' worth of these invaluable recordings.

Taking usability to the next level, Rewind operates independently, without the need for cloud integration or IT assistance. It employs native macOS APIs and Optical Character Recognition to scrutinize everything displayed on your screen. As a result, applications such as Gmail, Dropbox, and Slack are instantly captured and archived without any extra steps.

With Rewind, you're not just working, you're creating a comprehensive digital record of your activities and interactions. Ideal for both individuals and professionals, Rewind is the ultimate companion for efficient information management and retrieval, ensuring you never lose track of any important detail.


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